Wednesday, 29 May 2013

It's Business, Baby - Office Inspo with FisheeDesigns



I don't know about you lot, but I'm a nosey mother trucker so when I got the chance to take a peek into the working life of Fishee Designs' Emily Fisher, well I practically jumped up and down! Working spaces intruige me more than people's personal spaces because we spend so much of our time in them, it's so interesting to see the environments that people create to inspire themselves.

Being the creative sort, Emily has no quarms in admitting she isn't he neatest of freaks. "Even though I wanted to have a good ol' sort out and tidy up, it just isn't in my nature to keep everything pristine, I needed some clutter, but I went for sparkly inspirational clutter instead. I love all my office mascots looking down over me, maybe it's all the time I spend alone in here, but they have become part of my team now!"



"Consisting of two unicorn My Little Ponies, a mini MLP, sparkly stag, and two Trolls. I used some of the pink and sparkly decor left over from the WWWW to decorate around the window as we didn't have a blind or curtains. The sparkly door hangers that are like £3 off the internet are brilliant for adding blocks of sparkle! Also I was sick of looking at the hideous boiler in the corner of my desk, so I threw a load of sparkles at it to fix the situation!"

Emily's office is such fun because it's just so her! Thanks so much Emily for letting us take a dip in your alternative pink pond.

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  1. Such a cool feature! I love her workspace. Mine is soooo bare, I don't even have anything on my walls since we're moving soon.


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