Monday, 13 May 2013

It's Business, Baby - how to Get Green


As our business grows, making eco-friendly and ethical choices plays an evermore important part in our business decisions. While it may be a secondary consideration for creative businesses' like ours, this can be an oversight as often, making 'green' decisions and tweaking logistics can not only help the planet, but be cost effective too. Here are my top 5 easy tips for being green in a small creative business;

  • Recycle your business waste accordingly. For us, this means recycling a lot of cardboard packaging and brochures, and separating out plastics and metals just like at home.
  • Can you create new products from your cast offs? What about a purse from fabric off cuts? A bracelet from unwanted buttons from your up-cycled vintage dresses? Have a crafty afternoon and see if you can save both money and waste by reconsidering the parts of supplies you'd usually throw away.
  • Choose ethically when outsourcing tasks. For example, plenty of UK based photographic agencies offer fantastic prices for image editing and cutout work. I use Martin Nolan at just £3 per image (he's super quick and efficient, too!)
  • Recycle printer cartridges! My ink supplier sends out prepaid envelopes when I order more ink so it's a super easy way for me to dispose of them ethically.
  • You'll be surprised at just how affordable recycled packaging materials are these days. Our cotton dust bags, gift boxes, tissue paper and polystyrene packaging peanuts are all made from recycled materials. We now buy in bulk and save up to 10% on last years' packaging spend!

What steps do you make to be green in your business?

Image by Ashleigh Dougherty

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  1. Hooray! I totally believe all businesses should make an effort towards being environmentally friendly and it makes me so sad when some companies just don't care. These steps may seem like small things but they will all add up.


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