Tuesday, 7 May 2013

BEDM - Pets



He's my parents' 9 week old Chocolate Labrador puppy, and boy we've had fun and games with him so far. He's almost toilet trained, we've taught him how to sit, and he sinks his teeth into everything he comes across. Keeping him entertained with a huge array of toys and safe things for him to cut his teeth on really is akin to having a small child, and he sleeps like one too. He's been hanging out at our place during the evenings or when my folks need to run errands and biting aside, he's brought so much laughter to us already.

Do you have any pets?

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  1. oh my god my heart just doubled in size! i want him to bite my nose! i have a black lab, she's about 6 now, so well grown out of that cute little puppy phase. She used to chow on my nose when she got excited, aaaah so cute!!

  2. Rolo is adorable! Awww....

  3. Aaw! Rolo is absolutely adorable. I love the name your parent's chose too. xxx

  4. So cute! We have a 2 year old collie cross pointer that we rescued 3 months ago. It has been hard going sometimes but we couldn't be without him now!


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