Thursday, 14 February 2013

Smooches - the search for the Perfect Pink Lip

my favourite pink lipsticks

During a small handbag destash the other day, I was slightly embarrassed to pull out, not 1, or 2, but FIVE different hot pink lipsticks. Whilst I wear these shades on rotation, I just don't feel like I've found my perfect hot pink shade!

 photo perfectpinklips13_zpsd99be76b.jpg

Top - bottom:
Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Lovesick, £7.99 from
17 Lipstick in.... old, from Boots
MAC Amplified Creme in Girl About Town, £14 from MAC cosmetics
Dainty Doll in .... £8.33 from
Louise Gray for Topshop in

Revlon Just BittenRevlon Just Bitten swatch

The Revlon Just Bitten lipstains made waves in the beauty world last year, and for good reason. The ultra conditioning, highly pigmented balms glide on like a dream and despite their super strong Polo-mint aroma are generally a pleasure to use. I love this for a daytime pink lip, but it doesn't quite pack the neon pink punch for nighttime wear.

17 Pink Lipstick17 hot pink lipstick swatch

I have absolutely no idea how old this lippy is, and yes I know that is disgusting and unhygienic but I haven't come close to getting a shade this good! Blue undertones and high pigmentation make this a gorgeous bright but slightly too deep pink - layered over foundation it's even better. The staying power is admittedly not all that great, but a slick of lipcote and you're good to go. This is a definite favourite of mine, but I know that for hygiene's sake I need to find a replacement for it fast!

MAC Girl About TownMAC Girl About Town swatch

I'll admit to being a little disappointed with this MAC shade. A birthday trip to the Plymouth concession searching for my 17 replacement and I was told this was the bluest toned, brightest shade of pink that MAC did. It's pretty, and has gotten me loads of compliments when I've worn it, but it certainly isn't the neon pink that I asked for! I also find the consistency a bit weird, it goes gluey in the corners of my lips really quickly which I just didn't expect from a £14 lipstick. I have other Amplified Creme shades that don't seem to have this problem, though, so perhaps I need to persevere.

Dainty Doll lipstickDainty Doll lipstick swatch

This Dainty Doll lipstick is way to coral toned for my power pink dreams, but it is a gorgeous lipstick nonetheless. A fresh, springlike coral shade that suits so many different skin tones - the consistency is thick and creamy and doesn't feel like it'll slip allover your face once you take a sip of tea.

Louise Gray for Topshop lipstickLouise Gray for Topshop swatch

Oh my, this is just the perfect shade. Fuschia pink built by blue undertones but, oh, what's that? A pearlescent sheen? Goddamn you Topshop and your necessity to nod everything to the 90's. The slips allover your face and building heavy coverage it just impossible without turning into a member of the Honeyz. Les sigh.

The best hot pink lip

When I'm dreaming of the best pink lipstick, I'm pretty much not gonna rest until I look like this. A cool, blue, neon tone with ultimate coverage - do you think you can identify this shade? I'd kiss you in it forever!


  1. Hey grr! I believe that is a custom made lipstick. That looks very much like a Bobbi Brown photo for many reasons, and Bobbi mixes her own lipsticks in a palette. Why don't you get a blue lipstick, a neon hot pink lipstick and some others and a lip palette and play around? I think I'm gonna do that. YOu're right that shade is perfect.

  2. You need Mac candy yum yum, look at swatches


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