Tuesday, 28 September 2010

what We Would Wear Tuesday

I'm on the search for a coat. I've probably left it far too late as everything I've seen on highstreet websites just seems so dull. I've kept away from coloured winter coats before, fearing I'd be left with less outfit choice, but given how much black I wear I've found my usual choice of outerwear makes me blend in a little (and leaves me reminiscent of my minigoth days in my youth...shudder!) Because of the aforementioned black I've written off blue; mainly because Mr Crown&Glory likes to think of himself as a Welsh Gok Wan and wouldn't let me out of the door when clashing. Red is out too, it looks so weird with my colouring and I have a penchant for green..I do not wish to look like a Christmas advert (not until December 12th, anyway) Purple however, Purple I can do. Aside from the odd cardigan and splashes of floral in a dress, I don't own much purple but it's a colour I love. The coat in this outfit is ideally the sort of thing I'd like; the feminine shape allows for my stupidly large bust and the belt can be swapped for something a bit more glam for night, but it's a rediculous price. I think my hours I've got to kill around London on Friday will be spent looking for a highstreet version of this (or wandering into Selfrdiges and putting this on my credit card)

Talking of florals, is anyone else finding it hard to put their tea dresses into storage for winter? I might have to have a restraining order put against me with mine. I just can't seem to work them with black tights. Another thing on my wishlist is a decent pair of knitted grey tights, so on that front the tea dresses will stay, but what about for night? This one from ASOS seems to stay quite dressy and I think it's because of the black trim. Cue a trip to the haberdashery and afternoon stabbing myself with a needle. The sheerness of the tights is perhaps a bonus here too, and I might try these while the weather allows. I've picked out the pinky nude of the florals with a patent nude cross body bag, and the blues with this beautiful Wallpaper Rose Anabelle Necklace. It's currently sold out, but I'm sure if you asked her nicely, she'd try her hardest to get it back in stock. To finish it off, stick your hair in some vintage rolls and secure with our Time for Tea Bobby Pin Set. See what I did there?

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