Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday Spectacular

I rarely use text talk, but these DIY tights by cocorosa have just made me go OMFG! outloud. The Miu Miu print is just so perfect for summer, and has given me a flash of inspiration for my next this space!
This blog is easily my new favourite; check out the gorgeous inspiration photos on the left-hand side. Her outfits and setting for the photography are just beautiful; I definitely have blog-envy right now.

Cocorosa posts a very in-depth tutorial of how to make these tights here


  1. Sophssssss, technical question... how do you get those boxes above on your blog, the facebook, twitter, blog etc? Those tights are episc- are you making some?? xx

  2. I searched on twitter for "add twitter to blog" or something! I couldn't find a facebook one! Not tights...but something inspired by them :)

  3. Ahhh I've got the twitter box... it's the little boxes I'm after (the M B T F and other thing you have under your posts)... I think maybe my blog is too old to get it :( x

  4. oh i've no idea how to get those, they just appeared! x


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