Friday, 23 July 2010


...A little birdie tells me that our BBF Wallpaper Rose are having a competition! To celebrate their first birthday, Wallpaper Rose are giving you the chance to win 1 of 9 items of your choice! All you have to do is follow the blog, and comment with which you'd prefer. I myself have my eyes on Reike, which I featured in Thursday's second outfit post.

We caught up with Wallpaper Rose to see how their last year has been and what is in store for the next;
Happy Birthday! How has the last year with Wallpaper Rose been for you?

Thank you.
It's been great, but very unexpected. You could say it's been stressful, but that's nothing to do with the jewellery and everything to do with graduating this year. Jewellery has been an enjoyable relief!

What inspired you to start making your own jewellery in the first place?

I'm a little ashamed to say it predominantly came out of boredom. I found it particularly difficult to find work last summer and wanted something productive to do. My Mum has always made jewellery, but it had never really captured my attention; as much a I liked what she made, it wasn't ever the kind of jewellery that I wore. So I started to source things that interested me and used her tools to start making pieces of jewellery that I wanted to wear.

Motel carry some of your necklaces which is very exciting for a company so young; how did this come about?

It was more luck than anything. I took part in 'A Fashionable Af'fayre', a small vintage fayre that takes place every month at Le Pub in Newport, Wales. Motel also had a stall there and are instrumental in running the event. I was just lucky that some of the girls working for Motel there liked my jewellery and emailed me a little while later asking if I would be interested in having some of my necklaces in their Bristol store. Obviously I was absolutely over the moon and said yes!

How do you come up with your designs?

I suppose I always pay attention to what kind of jewellery is being sold in stores and online, but generally I trawl through etsy looking for charms - it's very easy to loose hours on etsy! Then when I get the charms, I mess around with others that I have, chain, pearls and crystals until I put together something I'm happy with. I'm afraid it's not terribly technical.

What are you favourite trends for A/W 10 and what can we expect for the new season?

I'm still very much a fan of lace, colour seems to be heading towards the monochrome still perhaps being broken up with nude shades, which I really love. So I might well try a range with more monochrome tones of crystals and beads. I've also heard it on the grape vine that one of my UK suppliers are going to release a range of circus charms, which I'm very excited about! So hopefully something of a circus nature.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting to make their own jewellery?

Just go for it really and make what you enjoy. It's an enjoyable process, so you don't want to ruin that with making things you don't like. There are plenty of beading magazines which can teach you the basics, I was lucky to be able to steal these skills from my Mum, but you can always look at jewellery you own to see how it's constructed.
And get some good pliers.

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