Tuesday, 30 September 2014

It's Business Baby; How to Self Promote (Without being a Total Dickbag)

Teen Vogue Beauty Shoot

  • Be active in your community; participate in twitter chats, comment on blog posts - but actually have something to say above “here’s my shop check it out!” Same goes for “hi from your newest liker My Shitty Candle Shop” posts on Facebook. STOPIT.
  • Nothing sells better than a recommendation, but only retweet the very best; it can look pretty spammy else. And RTing a RT of something you originally tweeted? Just no.
  • Carry business cards everywhere; just don’t hand them out like they’re free candy. You’re not free candy. Actually have a meaningful engagement with someone before offering a card.
  • Follow and engage with your industry’s tastemakers on twitter and instagram, but only interact if you have something useful to add. “hey check out my shop!” is not useful, to anyone.
  • Share your stories. ‘Hey here’s my new collection!’ is pretty dull when there’s a buzzfeed list to be had; share your influences, your collection’s making of, behind the scenes at your shoot.
  • #don’t #hashtag #everything #it #makes #you #look #desperate
  • Make friends in your sector for no other reason than it’s nice to have friends. Good things will naturally happen when you’re surrounding yourself with likeminded, enthusiastic folk. Trying to be BFFs with that fashion blogger so they’ll promote your shit is just nasty.
  • Use the rule of thirds; 1/3 of your marketing should be self promotion, 1/3 interaction and 1/3 other useful stuff.
  • Be genuine; even online, people can smell fakeys a mile off.
  • Say ‘yes’ to things without always thinking “well whats in it for me?” Donate to that charity event, reply to a ‘but you could’ve googled that’ email, offer help when someone asks for it.
Grease Lightening editorial shoot for Teen Vogue shot by Josh Olins via InspirationbyColor.com

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  1. Haha!!! I can't stand those one word comments with links back to the blog. I'm always so tempted to delete them.

  2. Love this! Sophie, you know your stuff! I'm trying to get as many tips as possible because my furniture boutique is kind of me starting from scratch on social
    Thanks x


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