Tuesday, 9 September 2014

It's Business, Baby; Busy Babe Eats

It's the holy grail of self employment; finding a repertoire of recipes and meal ideas that are quick, varied, healthy and nutritious and sometimes easy on the pocket for tough times like tax month. It's a topic that I see spring up time and time again on my peers' Facebook pages and suchlike so I thought I'd share a roundup of some of our favourite recipes and meal ideas!

busy babe eats


Breakfast is a big deal in the Cooke/King household as it's basically the only meal we'll sit down and eat together. The menu varies depending on our mornings' activities; if we're working through the day it'll be something like poached or boiled eggs with wholewheat toast for Gareth and spinach for me. When I have an exercise class planned for the morning I'll start with a green juice and have a couple of boiled eggs and some smoked salmon after my classes, and in the winter months it's porridge all round. Some of my favourite breakfast recipes are;
Avocado on Toast with Poached Egg
Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups
Mushroom and Spinach Egg Cups
Apple and Peanut Butter (love this 'apple sandwich' idea!)

busy babe eats


Lunch is a pretty varied affair for us. Sometimes, it's grab it and go; something-on-toast is the go to. Sometimes, we'll make sure we actually take a full lunch 'hour' and treat ourselves to something a little more extravagent. It all depends what our schedule is like and what we've had for breakfast that morning. Here are some of my favourite nutritious lunch ideas;
Quinoa and Sweet Potato Lunch Bowl
Vietnamese Raw Spring Rolls
Red Pepper and Spinach Soup with Orzo

busy babe eats


When the 3pm slump inevitably hits (even when your work is getting to play with glitter, it hits!) it can be all too easy to reach for a big bag of chocolate buttons and settle in for an afternoon of stealth procrastination. At Crown and Glory we keep a few things on hand to make sure we're not going to be heading into a sugar coma. We subscribe to a Graze box for a weekly drop of super varied, calorie conscious little nibbles and were recently gifted a box of fruit and nut bars by the lovely people at Natural Balance Foods; they're perfect for when you fancy something sweet with a cup of tea but consist entirely of natural ingredients.

busy babe eats


It's imperative to us that dinner is quick and simple; often after a day in the office we're in the gym until late so we often turn to some sort of protein (chicken or fish) with steamed veg and rice, a stir fry or an omelette with spinach and bacon. It's something I'm trying to expand our repertoire of quick and tasty dinner ideas that aren't too heavy. Here's what's caught my eye on Pinterest and we'll be trying soon;
One Pot Wonder Tomato Basil Pasta
20 Minute Thai Noodles
Lemon-Thyme Chicken with Sauteed Vegetables (in fact anything from this list!)
Edamame Fried Rice

Do you have any go-to recipes to keep yourself well-fuelled when you're rushed off your feet?

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