Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Kind of Love - 06/10

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It Is Done' by TheLoveShop on Etsy

This week we've been sorting out the office and adjacent box room from the explosion of glitter and bunny ears that happened this summer into a more useable workspace for both of us; we even have a store room now! I get my airing cupboard back! I must admit when Gareth started pulling everything out it felt like we were never going to have a useable office again - the 'worse before it gets better' stage was a long old one! While it's nowhere near finished as we'd like to add in some more desk space and switch up our current hideous plastic storage, I now enjoy being back in the office and it's been so freeing to have a clear out. Other things I've been loving this week;

  • Gareth's endless patience with me when he discovered I'd left all the computer/hard drive/printer and camera cables to knot into a gigantic electrical ball behind the desk. With little huffing and only the occasional expletive thrown my way he proceeded to painstakingly untangle them for me; that's love for you, right?!
  • We had such fun hanging out and modeling at Photography Farm last week for Kat and Gareth's second marriage! Anyone else thing we look like a pretty rad band in this shot?!
  • This weeks' Its Business Baby post got a lot of love, being linked at Rock n Roll Bride, Bespoke Bride and Fishee Designs. I love writing the business series - it's pretty cathartic and it makes me so happy to think that they potentially help other people.
  • Getting back into my exercise routine in a big way - if I have a few weeks off it's always really daunting getting back into it but I'm always surprised by how quickly my body adapts; also loving the new Bodycombat routine!
  • Dressing up a red wine hangover with a sequin maxi skirt - the best cure!
  • My mum got taken ill while out this weekend which was horrible, but the kindness of strangers was very overwhelming. If you're reading this, man with the Dacshund; thankyou to eternity for looking after my momma and making sure she felt safe.
  • Did you see the Halloween collection go up this week? My personal favourite is the little glitter devil horns; one of Gareth's designs!
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