Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sunday Kind of Love 01/09

This week I've really enjoyed a slower change of pace to my days. Jumping back into the gym, taking a walk, getting a hair cut, treating myself to a manicure - all very normal stuff. I think that whilst its' important to grasp every opportunity we can with both hands, inherently we are creatures of habit and sometimes it's nice to feel a bit cosy... But only for a little while. This week, I've been grateful for;

  • Being able to take an impromptu afternoon off on Tuesday to fill the fridge and watch films with G.
  • Catching up with a friend - it's been a solitary few weeks!
  • Feeling great after Bodycombat and spin classes after a few weeks off - not as hard as I thought it might be.
  • Working on the last of the seasons' bridal orders, including this beautiful berry colour combo
  • Managing to lie in until 9am....a rare treat!
  • Redken Extreme Strength Mask - goodbye, wire wool hair, hello shiny bonce! I'm a little embarrassed to say I actually found a dreadlock at the base of my neck this week - must remember to use this more!
  • The wonder that is AirBnB - we're all sorted in a cosy Shoreditch flat for next week, so exciting!
  • Finding solutions to problems, and then just letting them go - not everything can be perfect all of the time!
  • Getting the chance to have a good old clear out. The amount I've pulled from my wardrobe this weekend is downright embarrasing. Promising to spend smarter, from now on.
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