Tuesday, 2 July 2013

It's Business, Baby - A Day in the Life Of...

Things I learnt while conducting this post; when you're taking a photo an hour, the hours fly by really fast, and I spend alot of my day doing the same stuff! Here's a snapshot of a typical day at C&G HQ

8am. At my desk going through the nights' emails and printing off the order schedule for the day.

9am. Working out our purchase orders for the next fortnight while also making notes for an upcoming product shoot.

10am. Gareth is working on a wholesale order while I'm knee deep in admin.

11am. We take delivery of our brand new gift boxes and I'm so happy with them I instagram a snap straight away.

1pm. We have our main meal at lunchtime, as it gives me 45 mins headspace while I cook us something. Today was chicken and mushroom pasta. We have a heavy gym session planned for the morning so don't mind something a bit naughty.
2pm. Back to the office - often in the afternoons, we'll put on whatever trash TV we've missed from the night before. BBC3's the Call Centre really makes us laugh.
3pm. More deliveries, this time materials. Sometimes we can have up to 5 deliveries a day.
4pm. Gareth is finishing off the wholesale order. Each Swarovski crystal is glued on individually, Gareth's least favourite task.
5pm. I compile some blog posts on my ipad, because my ancient MacBook starts trying my patience after a day of spreadsheets and purchase orders. Blogsy is my favourite blog writing app.
6pm. It's green juice time! I add a shot of wheatgrass before an epic double gym session.
7pm. About the start a weights class. It's great to focus on something that isn't office related for an hour.
8pm. My usual spinning class is cancelled, so I make the most of the warm weather and head out for a jog. I like to think the fresh air and countryside views counteract staring at a screen for 8 hours straight.
Pretty unexciting, right?! Maybe next time I have a 'non-typical' day at Crown and Glory, I'll remember to photograph all the photo shoots, new range designing and celebrity meetings!
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