Thursday, 9 May 2013

Perfectly (p)Interesting


Confession....I'm a social media addict. I've more apps on both my iPad and iPhone that I'd care to admit to (my brother calls me an iFag...he's probably right) the last thing I do before going to sleep at night is to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Pinterest (in that order) and there have been too many times that I've dropped my phone on my face while lying in bed first thing of the morning than I'd care to admit to as well. But my favourite of the top 5 has got to be Pinterest.

Unlike the other 5, however, I love Pinterest for me, not my business. I was always the kid making scrapbooks and pinboards full of things I liked. I even illustrated my Christmas lists, so instead of just writing 'glittery rainbow jumper' (Tammy Girl, circa 2000 dontcha know) I'd draw it so that my parents Father Christmas couldn't possibly get the wrong one.

As an angsty teenager,I had diary upon diary of cut outs from magazines, emo song lyrics (My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday dontcha know) and depictions of hopes and dreams. As an aside, what age is it possible to go back through teenage diaries and not cringe? I don't think I'm quite there yet....

Anyway, I digress. Pinterest floats my boat because its a whole world of inspiration at my fingertips. From more pastel hair than you can shake a stick at to heathy dinner inspiration, I've got a board for it. I follow my favourite web types and brands for a personally curated inspiration stream - i mean how many other places in life can you pick and choose who you want to be fed entertaining tidbits from? (I've yet to master hiding people from my facebook feed) and I could while away hours if I hit the 'everything' tab.

The secret boards are a thing of pure GENIUS for shoot planning and stuff that's not quite ready to show the world yet. I'd even go as far to say as I would actually pay to have more than 3 boards (Pinterest people, make that happen) To keep from flooding people's feeds with our entire new stock list ( I'm looking at you) there's even apps like Pingraphy to schedule your pins in regular intervals.

So, if you're new to Pinterest or looking for new people to follow, here are my top 5 pinners;

  • Gala Darling - international playgirl extraordinare with a flare for cheeky, irreverent fashion and super inspiring quotes.
  • Rebecca Minkhoff - the designers inspiration boards are utterly fascinating! (Ooh and look how neat and smart it all looks... definitely need to get on that)
  • The house of Kate Spade NY is on a mission to inspire you to live colourfully
  • Lime Crime Cosmetics transport you into a magical world of fairytales and mermaid hair.
  • Domestic Sluttery's Feed Us This board is the perfect combination of healthy inspiration and downright naughtiness.

Won't you follow my trains of thought and current covets, too?



  1. I'm still so behind on it, I've had Pinterest for like 2 months and I have only a few things pinned! It's hard for me to shake the habit of saving things to folders on my computer, haha.

    1. See, I used to try and do that but then would go back through folders weeks later and be like 'why the eff did I save that?!' Habits die hard, I guess!


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