Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Let's Get Crafty - Summer Manicure

When I saw this manicure pop pop on Tatty Devine's Instagram feed last week I just had to dust off my summer polish draw and give myself a hot pink and orange manicure! So summery!

So I decided to go for all Barry M nail paints to create a super bright colours block mani with flower and crystal detailing; go hard or go home nd all that! Because I work with my hands, doing any kind of nail or or manicure on false nails is an absolute must for me, else they'll chip within hours (and trust me, I've tried every top coat out there) These Classic French nails in Short are perfect for me, vile French manicure effect aside (is anyone still wearing that? Really?) as the lengths are really good and where I'd normally wear my nails, despite my long nail beds, and the quick numbered tab system means you only have to sort out the sizes for one hand.

Despite the orange being a Barry M Gelly Shine paint, I still needed three coats of these polishes to make the tipex white tips disappear, but hey, I'm a patient girl. Once the base was on, I dotted my ring fingers with lilac paint using a toothpick into daisy patterns, and then glued flat back AB crystals to the centre of the flowers, and then a line of them along the base of each index finger. Et voila, super summery, sparkly mani.


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  1. just discovered the Barry M gelly nail polishes, LOVE THEM XX


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