Friday, 15 March 2013

Techy Tips for iPhone

Technology - the wonderful invention that makes our world goes round. And yet, no matter how tech savvy you consider yourself to be, it still feels like a giant leap for mankind when you figure out how to do the simplest thing.

1. How To Email Multiple Pictures on iPhone

I was so glad I wasn't the only person that had been totally eluded by how to perform this seemingly simple task - when I tweeted my joy at finding out how to attach multiple images to a single email, it attracted responses as 'Holy hell this has changed my life!', 'I've been doing it wrong for five years!' 'OMG NO WAYYY!'

 photo 419DDA90-55C8-46E5-BD91-BCC94467909D-9316-00000554CE85A5BD_zpsd171c9a3.jpg photo C57DE75E-F12A-42F4-A3D7-6072ABEAE2DB-9316-00000554E58A4C82_zps1b2cc05c.jpg photo ED233F96-B8F7-4FCC-B7CA-E4A5D43D31B2-9316-0000055524175ABD_zps1dab475f.jpg

Go to your Photos and enter the album where the images you want to add are being stored. Hit the 'edit' button in the top right hand side. Select the images you want to add to the email. Hit 'share' on the bottom left hand corner. Select the mail icon.

Bada bing, bada boom! And yes, that is a million photos of my own face and what I eat. What of it?

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