Saturday, 30 March 2013

On The Road - Oscar Bridal by Niemierko

Sometimes, an offer comes your way that is just so unbelieveable, you consider reporting the sender for spam mail. But actually, once you've managed to pick your jaw off the floor, it's time to throw caution to the wind, put on a kick ass dress and fake it til you make it, babe! Or if, like me, you fail at that, just try your hardest not to spill champers on the couture. Anything else is a plus.


Extraordinarily, last week I accepted an invite from the house of Niemierko, wedding planner to the stars, to attend the launch of the Oscar de la Renta bridal collection at their London based store. I've heard great things about Niemierko parties and oh boy, this particular soirée did not disappoint; packed to the rafters, bubbles on tap, Laduree macarons and a sea of shiny hair. No detail is too small at Niemierko - though really, Mark, I do think you could hire more attractive, better presented waiters.


My main aim of the evening was to be allowed through the door, and once that remarkably happened I started to panic that I might actually have to make conversation with some of the highest flyers on the wedding industry. Thankfully I'd chosen the right people to look like a lost puppy next to - a lovely couple who were quick to exclaim 'don't worry! We're a pair of misfit creatives too!' and quickly conversation flowed.


Soon I was being invited into the Something Blue wind-machine filled photo booth (yeah I really need to practice my photo booth face, what of it?) by wedding bloggers Amma at Beyond Beyond and Alex at Bijou Bride who had unbelievably heard of my brand. Perhaps I wasn't so out of place at this party after all!


And as for the collection? Beautious, breathtakingly exquisite of course. The salon itself is a stunning building, set in London's Mayfair, spread across 3 floors with gallons of natural light. There's even a particularly well thought drawing corner to keep the little ones entertained. For someone who is entirely on the fence regarding the production of little people and whether or not I want to participste in that game, I was particularly taken with the children's range. Though perhaps that dress needs a flower girl crown after all...

images courtesy Niemierko

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