Monday, 11 February 2013

25 Random Facts

I've seen this tag going around on other blogs, and hell, we're all nosey creatures right? That's why you're here, after all!

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- I studied Photographic Art at university and graduated with a 2:1.
- My favourite photographers are German couple, The Bechers
- I hadn't done a day's exercise in my life until, last March, I randomly decided to book myself in for a spin class. Everyone I knew laughed at me, but I now go 3 times a week plus other classes like bodycombat, fitness pilates, bodymax and core stability too.
- The aforementioned has caused me to lose 2 1/2 stone, just another 2 to go!
- I have doubled jointed little fingers
- I can close one eye at a time, without screwing up my face or squinting. Try it, it's hard!
- My favourite songs are Third Eye Blind - Wounded, Foo Fighters - Everlong and Alien Ant Farm - Movies (!)
- The majority of my teenage years were spent completely, consumingly obsessed with My Chemical Romance.
- I can't get into an unmade bed
- Dried toothpaste makes me want to vomit
- I used to have a lip piercing, but I don't have any tattoos
- Three desert island foods - thai green curry, tomato and coriander soup and a cooked breakfast

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- My favourite films are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Garden State
- I spent 3 years at university a vegetarian. The first piece of meat I ate after this stint was a Bernard Matthews' Turkey Ham sandwich (vom)!
- My favourite item of clothing is a Tom Ford for Topshop tuxedo style jacket that I picked up for £10
- Closely followed by my All Saints' Belvedere leather jacket
- I haven't had a 'natural' hair colour since I was 16
- I played the flute for 8 years and graded to level 5
- Throughout my life I've had big issues with confidence and social anxiety
- When I was 8, my family were this close to moving to France. Again to New Zealand, when I was 17. I often wonder how life would've panned out had either of these come true.
- I don't really 'do' sunbathing, I have to be led in the shade
- Give me a plate of crudités over cake any day
- I can't drive! I've never felt the desperate urge to get behind the wheel. But 2013 is the year this changes!
- My first live concert was to Christina Aquilera in 2003
- I'm not 100% sure I feel the need to produce little people.

I tag: Megan, Steph, Sarah, Faye and Emily

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  1. I love these posts, it's all very MySpace but you're right I'm a nosey creature! xx


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