Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Labels we love...

A rare trip to my local shopping mall on Saturday led me to New Look - a shop I've had a long love affair with for their shoes, but can't really rate much else - until now.

Perhaps my branch (Plymouth) is a particularly large one, but at least 1/5 of the womenswear section is devoted to their 'Label Lounge' - a surprising collection of boutique labels with a focus on unique prints and high street fashion with a twist. What's more, these labels are very purse friendly, with most dresses/tunics hitting around the £25 mark.

This Zuzi Zuzi Feather Tunic is quite the steal at £29.99, including both the woven leather belt and the slip. I think I'd be tempted to change the slips for a longline black tube top as the spaghetti straps irritate me so, but you may not be as fussy as I am.

Shout at me all your want for featuring a jumper in June, but it's ruddy cold, ok? This dipdye fluffy one is quite ridiculous but also all kinds of awesome - do you agree that, at £26.99, you feel like you get a lot more for your money than the over priced Topshop dip dye sweaters? Better yet, Gwen has shown you how to get the look for much less with this fab tutorial. I know what my next rainy Sunday will be spent doing.

My real find though, was in a last minute dash to Topshop; the boyfriend was reaching his shopping tolerance level, I'd only bought a Rimmel eyeliner and the one rare afternoon I'd allowed to treat myself was slowly slipping into nothingness until my eyes spotted this. I actually audibly gasped when I saw it, elbowed a poor girl out the way (sorry sweetheart!)

This is my second purchase from London label Oh My Love, and both dresses are now firm favourites in my wardrobe. AND I had to size down! Is there any sweeter feeling?! I practically skipped around that Topshop changing room.

As if it all wasn't good enough, this tie dye maxi was only £45! With such a gorgeous shape and sumptuous fabric I was almost certain there'd been a misprint and nervously took it to the cashier. Now I just need to book my holiday...

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