Saturday, 17 March 2012

Project Take 10

Better late than never, right? Last month I had the opportunity to get involved with the awesome Project Take 10 girls. For those who don't know, Project Take 10 is a collective of Ten handpicked fashion bloggers, each with very different styles and tastes. Every month the girls are given an item or brand to style and review a piece by.

It's one of those sorts of things that I've admired from afar for such a long time, but was dubious to ever try and get involved - for one, the calibre of brands that the girls' work with on a monthly basis is pretty darn high - Lomography, Next and Wildfox to name a few - that I never thought little ole' indie down here could compete. But when an opening came up, gorgeous girl Vicki asked me if I'd like to be involved, so I threw caution to the wind and said YES PLEASE!
Then came the trepidation of what to actually send these lovely ladies. The majority of brands send one item for each girl to style differently - a great example is the ASOS LBD challenge that got featured in Company magazine, and all the girls loved. A not so great example was the multiple trend-ticking Faith wedges that seriously divided the girl's opinion. I knew I was going to be working with some girls who 'just don't do' hair accessories, and some who are more comfortable with Chanel than Crown and Glory.

Susie from Takeout in Couture requested a custom order for a pair of gold glitter bunny ears - buy yours here

And so we decided it appropriate for the girls to choose their own pieces from the collection, or gave them the opportunity to try out our bespoke service. Cue a seriously diverse fortnight, creating everything from sweet floral headbands to super fun glitter bunny ears...

Ellie from Pretty Much Penniless even took the opportunity to have her hairpiece designed for her wedding! I love her stars and moon theme.

We loved Paula from Pink Bow's custom order of a sweet pink rose headband so much, it inspired a new product line...

Lucy from ShinyThoughts wears our Intergalactic Starlight Crown as a super fun belt

Lucy and Jen went one step further and styled up their pieces as a belt and brooch respectively.

Hair accessory-shy Jen went for a Huge Glitter Bow in Fairydust with a crocodile clip backing to use as a cute bow tie

You can check out all the girls' styling and review on the links above. Who's is your favourite? Would you have the creative eye to style something with a different intended purpose?

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  1. I love the Magpie girls flower crown and Jen's cute bow clip. I think all the girls styled the pieces really well...if i had to choose one i would say I would have probably worn Jen's bow maybe on a handbag or in my hair as part of a half up half down do. Love the blog :)X


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