Thursday, 3 February 2011

twist and fly

Flock headband, £10, Crown and Glory
Striped Peter Pan Top, £15.99, New Look
Pleat Skirt, £9.99, Zara
Tan Wedge Booties, £24.99, New Look
Leopard bag, £45, Topshop

I thought I'd show you some pieces I got in my little jaunt round the shops on Saturday! (For my fellow Frugal Feb-ers, I promise it really was last Saturday, Abbzz can vouch for that!)

The skirt made my heart-rate quicken a little when I saw it was now only £9.99. I'd been eyeing it up in black early on in the month but at £20 I wasn't so sure, especially as I seem to be gravitating away from black pieces at the moment. When I saw it in this gorgeous beige/tan colour, not only did it remind me of Brownie culottes (always a good thing) it was also a size down than at the beginning of the month! Hurrah! I'm not so hot on the belt, truth told, so will probably look to replace it with one I already own (I've got an oversized brown leather one somewhere) but love the way Zara have styled it online.

I'm forever on the search for the perfect striped top, and after a lot of deliberation as to whether or not thin or wide stripes are the most flattering, this one from New Look came in pretty close. I probably look like a string of sausages in it, but I care not. It is prettiful.

My booties are the standout from my shopping trip though, never have a pair of 4 inch heels been so comfortable! I wore them all day to work today, which includes a 40 minutes walk to and from work, and hardly a twinge! I had a lot of trouble deciding between the black, tan and cream, they're all so lovely!

Have you seen the newest addition to our Flock collection? Suggested by a crop-haired maiden, a double silvertone alice band place host to a flight of hand drawn, acrylic swallow charms.


  1. Love the outfit!! It all goes so well together!
    I need those boots and top in my life! That bag is also lush! :) xx

  2. Thanks Beth! The bag was from Topshop back in September I think? A little graduation present to myself! (One of many, I'm ashamed to say!) Might be worth giving eBay a try? xx

  3. I hereby vouch that these items were purchased before the beginning of Frugal February! :D

    Love this outfit and especially love the flock headband! Amazing :) Purchases shall have to wait mind you xx

  4. Gorgeous, I love that outfit! Simple but super cute, just what I like x

  5. Thanks ladies, you haven't seen it on me yet though, I've got buyers' remorse that the top makes me look like a string of sausages! xo

  6. I love this outfit and I'm totally in love with the headband it's on my wishlist for sure x

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