Monday, 24 January 2011

Inspiration: V&A

Quite frankly, I've no idea how I stumbled upon the V&A prints archive, and am even more baffled as to how I hadn't come across it before but I'm so glad it is now in my life! I am currently lusting after various wallpaper favourites are the Chinese ones from the 1800's and the William Morris. Prices start at £15 for an A4 print, I'd just love a collection of these in frames for my craft room!

It's around this time of year that I try and make a trip to see the exhibitions in London. One I'm particularly keen to see is the Shadow Catcher's exhibition, again at the V&A. From the V&A website:

"The essence of photography lies in its seemingly magical ability to fix shadows on light-sensitive surfaces. Normally, this requires a camera. Shadow Catchers, however, presents the work of five international contemporary artists - Floris Neusüss, Pierre Cordier, Susan Derges, Garry Fabian Miller and Adam Fuss - who work without a camera. Instead, they create images on photographic paper by casting shadows and manipulating light, or by chemically treating the surface of the paper.

Images made with a camera imply a documentary role. In contrast, camera-less photographs show what has never really existed. They are also always 'an original' because they are not made from a negative. Encountered as fragments, traces, signs, memories or dreams, they leave room for the imagination, transforming the world of objects into a world of visions."

Derges, Susan. 2004, 'Eden 5'

It sounds and looks simply beautiful, and a far cry from my usual preference for Germanic utilitarianism. Perhaps I'm getting soft in my old age. The techniques sound fascinating as well, I really hope I get to catch this before it ends on February 20th.

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  1. what a fascinsting exhibition hope you get to see it and report back.
    Shame dont live nearer.
    {Dab and a dash.}


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