Friday, 12 November 2010

What We Would Wear; Harry Potter Special

With only one week until the launch of the penultimate Harry Potter film I thought this weeks' What We Would Wear should be inspired by all things HP! Some might think me daft for wanting an outfit like this, but I don't think fashion should take itself too seriously at times!

When I was about 15 I paid an extortionate amount of money to have an official HP merch 'Muggle' tshirt shipped in from Hot Topic. I finally let go of it last year; considering it shrank to the size of a crop top (not good on anyone without Britney abs) and had more holes than a cave system, but I do still miss it hanging in my wardrobe! Yes I am a geek, I know. But to replace it, I might make mysef one of these;

Tshirt by -siriuslyblack

After a lot of cajoling from me, Wallpaper Rose have designed this Golden Snitch necklace! i can't wait for it to go online, I'm hoping before next weekend! Although Mr Crown&Glory wouldn't let me out of the house in the above outfit (or tshirt, for that matter, the fascist!) I'm putting my foot down when it comes to this necklace.

The Golden Snitch, coming soon to Wallpaper Rose

Last but not least, I'll be sneaking on these Avada Kedavra lightning bolt bobby pins as I leave the house. Well, he's male, I'm sure he won't notice?!

Avada Kedavra Lightning Bolt Bobby Pins, £6, Crown and Glory

If you wish to have your Avada Kedavra bobby pins in time for Friday, please order on or before Tuesday 15th to enable time for posting. I post everything by Royal Mail First Class Recorded, which is usually delivered between 1-3 days.


  1. Ahhh this is amazing! What's happening on friday - is that the film's general release?? x

  2. those hair pins are the cutest thing ever.

  3. Oooh, cute things :D
    Loving the hairclips & necklace.
    Fiona x


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