Friday, 26 November 2010

Charmed, We're Sure...

I'm sorry it's such a quick one tonight but I couldn't not show you these amazing necklaces by the very talented Lisa Galibardy! The only question is...which do I purchase?! I'm nodding towards the latter two...what do you think?!


  1. Love Galibardy! I love the last one most.

  2. they're all gorgeous, but my personal faves would be the second and the third, they're gorgeous! especially the bee, it's so cute :)
    Just thought I'd add that your site is gorgeous and I've already decided what to buy my sisters as xmas pressies from your site (have yet to make an order, got to wait till i get my money for babysitting haha)

  3. I love the bumble bee one!

    xo, Jay

  4. I love the paper aeroplanes!! I want! xx


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