Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Call Me Ishmael...

The third of todays outfit posts is focused around these wonderfully kitsch Moby Dick tights. Nautical is traditionally a trend saved for Spring, but I thought I'd try and create a look more suitable for the chilly winter months.

Our key pieces here are of course the Moby Dick tights by Tights for Sore Eyes, in a bright baby blue. I've paired them with our new You Can't Beat the Blues Bobby Pin set. There are three combinations with these sets; two antiqued, filigree brass bobby pins are topped with either two bright blue rose cabochons, two smaller sky blue rose cabochons or a combination of both.

For me, the key to making a trend transition the seasons is to use a darker base pallette and keep the theme running with the accessories. I've included a number of different accessories in this look; you could easily mix and match!

For a while now I've been wanting to introduce you to this gorgeous necklace by our favourites, Wallpaper Rose Jewellery. Remi consists of a heavy brass compass, hung with freshwater pearl and heart charms on a thick antique brass chain. I've been informed by the lady herself that this product flies off the shelves every time she re-stocks!

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  1. Your outfit choices are fab, m'dear - they all look quite amazing!


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