Thursday, 30 September 2010

Forever and a day

How delish is Wallpaper Rose's new logo? Last week I promised some more reviews of the many Wallpaper Rose products that I own. Today we have unblurred imagery! But thankfully for you, not of my face, because I currently look like a troll.

Brushed cotton checked shirt: Primark
Dark grey marl vest; Topshop
Neclaces: Wallpaper Rose Jewellery

I showed you the wonderful Babushka necklace last week, and today I've paired it with a longer style of necklace; this Frankie umbrella necklace was a one off (which I've only just discovered, making this blog post pretty pointless!)..the charm's eventually made it into the wonderful Maud brooch.

I thought I'd show you the images anyway to prove how easy it is to layer WRJ necklaces. All of the chains and charms used are carefully sourced so that the tones of the metal compliment each other.

Now, my checked shirt and vest combo today isn't exactly going to win me any style awards, but the shades of the Swarovski charms in the necklaces match the colours on the shirt almost perfectly. I love attention to detail in an outfit so I think the necklaces really make an otherwise dull outfit stand out.

Actually, I retract my original statement that this outfit wouldn't win my style awards. Checked shirts totally work for my figure (ie, lumpy) and for me, the term 'fashionable' should be applied to those who know what suits them and rocks it no matter what the ubercool determine to be 'in' or 'out'.

Another beautiful blue themed necklace is Isabella which could be used in the place of Frankie.

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