Saturday, 21 August 2010

Folksy Friday

Ok, I'm a little late, but I'm on French time so it's allowed. Today is a Folksy Friday with a twist...I've become particularly enamoured of late with everything handmade, bespoke and crafty (might have something to do with the fact that I've started making stuff myself, natch) and find myself scouring websites like Folksy, Etsy etc more so than the high street these days. The following is an outfit entirely made from Folksy picks, and just proves that you really don't have to conform to what Topshop et al deem as the fashion du jour.

The highlight of the outfit for me is this pair of A-MAZING tights by the equally amazing-ly named 'Tights for Sore Eyes' (why can't I be that cool?!) The brainchild of Scottish duo Danni and Nikki McWilliams, these hand-printed tights are 40 denier baby blue and accented by Swarovski crystals.

Dig For Victory create bespoke, made to measure dresses and jackets from 'fabrics of the past'. This beautiful electric blue taffeta prom dress is just crying to be sitting in my wardrobe, but a place on the blog will have to do for now.

I seem to have my laptop permanently around my person at the moment, so a stylish laptop case is essential. This one by Cabin Jack is really classic and would accentuate a lot of outfits nicely. I'm keepin an eye on this seller to see how the line expands. The ipod cover by Beautiful Skin has definitely been added to my Christmas Wishlist and is such a nice alternative to the boring, overpriced skins you can buy on the highstreet. A couple of cute badges added to the dress (tea and cameras, what more could a girl want?!) and topped with my Poppy Headband complete the outfit, but really I could've gone on forever.

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